Who are we?

Our Mission

Derry Print Workshop Ltd. (DPW) is a not for profit printmaking collective providing open access studio facilities for fine art printmakers in Derry and the northwest.

DPW is a recognised charity and not for profit organisation founded to provide facilities for artists to make limited edition original fine art prints and to promote print making as an art form.

The aim of Derry Print Workshop is to provide a focal point and a properly staffed and equipped centre of excellence to promote both the appreciation and practice of print making and other related visual arts, and to service the print making needs of both professionals and the wider community.Derry Print Workshop actively encourages people from all walks of life to get involved with the practice and art of printmaking and is committed to developing an exciting and innovative creative hub in the centre of the city. 

Matthew teaching during a linoprinting course in action

In-depth courses for beginners

We run a variety of courses for all levels. They range from short courses to in-depth exploration of the process from start to finish. 

We hope each participant gains an appreciation for the process while learning practical skills to be able to replicate outside of the course. 

Resources for professionals

DPW operates as an experienced artist / printmakers collective. We provide a studio resource for the production of original fine art print. 

Some of the resources and equipment include a Harry Rochat etching press, Hunter Penrose etching press, Harry Rochat Albion Relief press, Harry Roachat Nipping press, Large Natgraph UV unit, Small A3 UV unit, 3 table top screen beds, and more.